Other uses for your BEENAT reusable packaging

Times have changed and more and more of us are leaving single-use plastics behind thanks to products such as reusable beeswax wrappers. BEENAT is a great ally when it comes to caring for the environment and our food, but did you know that you can give it a lot of practical and ecological uses? Surprise yourself by meeting them with us!

Let's start with the basics: Other uses for BEENAT in the kitchen

From storing a half of fruit to keeping that sandwich longer, reusable beeswax wraps have a ton of uses for preserving food. At BEENAT we also add all the antiseptic and antifungal properties of resin and coconut oil. This way it can last a year or more!

Using our wrappers to store snacks in the refrigerator, to keep food longer and even to freeze it is already part of our routine. But they have many more uses inside the kitchen! Here we leave you some.

Cover your jars and bottles

Did you lose or break the lid of your mason jar? Don't take it to glass recycling yet! Use reusable beeswax wrap as a new lid and extend its life. Do it with confidence! You can even turn it over and it will not spill a drop of its content.

Remember that glass is perfect for storing foods with very strong odors since they do not adhere to it and neither will they adhere to your reusable packaging! They are the perfect duo for your refrigerator and you also eliminate plastics from it.

Do you need a container? Create it yourself with BEENAT!

Whether it is to take to a picnic or to serve snacks to your guests at home, take your reusable wrapper with beeswax, shape it and place it on the table before your diners! You will see that they will not go unnoticed.

BEENAT designs are so pretty you won't want to hide them in your pantry or fridge. Show them off to everyone who comes into your house or take them everywhere! And is that who would not like to see a table decorated with beautiful illustrations of native Chilean flora and fauna?

The best thing is that when they're done, you can clean the wrapper and save it for the next time. In addition, it practically does not take up space. Store it in a drawer or take it home with you in your bag.

Turn your reusable wrappers into lunch bags!

Producto BEENAT Envoltorio Reutilizable de Cera de Abeja

And speaking of containers, are you one of those who carry their lunch in a paper bag? Leave that in the past and wear it with BEENAT! In addition to being resistant and looking very pretty, everything inside will stay fresh and free of bacteria that could break them down.

Making it is very simple! Just cut a piece to your size from our Reusable Wrapping Roll, fold it as if it were a kraft paper envelope, and that's it! Because it's made from organic cotton, you can sew it on or simply use glue to secure it.

Keep your doughs fresh and elastic

This is a common use but not many dare to experiment. Dare to knead and make your own pasta, bread, sopaipilla or whatever you like best. Store the dough in the fridge in your reusable wrappers and cook them whenever you want!

Thanks to its insulating and antiseptic property, BEENAT will keep them fresh and elastic for longer. With this system you can save a lot of time and cook a delicious dinner or lunch!

Curious and ingenious uses for your reusable beeswax wrappers!

But not everything is preserving food.Although BEENAT was thought of as a solution for plastic film, the ingenuity of its users has led us to discover other uses that we never imagined. The best thing is that each one of them preserves the ecological intention that our reusable packaging has always promoted.

BEENAT: An ecofriendly wrapping paper

Wrap wrapping has always been a dilemma for those of us seeking to lead an eco-friendly life. On the one hand we have plastic wrappers (which luckily are used less and less) and on the other we have paper, which, although it is less polluting, will only be used once anyway and then it will go to the trash! But no! you worry! Here we have an equally beautiful alternative that gives added value to your gift.

Use your reusable wrappers with beeswax as gift "paper" and add a note explaining what it is so that the birthday person or celebrated person can know it and begin their zero waste experience! Thanks to our roll you can wrap what what you want! From a pencil to a medium box. Just use BEENAT, hemp as long as you need, and you'll see how nice it looks!

Do you like pastries? Use them as a piping bag!

Producto BEENAT Envoltorio Reutilizable de Cera de Abeja

Whether to make meringues or to decorate a cake, the pastry bag is a must in our kitchen when it comes to being pastry chefs. Forget about using a plastic one or, in its absence, the classic disposable bag with a cut in the corner. Just take your BEENAT, fold the ends and roll it into a cone.

You can even put different nozzles on the thinner end and let your imagination run wild with the decorations. The best thing is that when you finish using it, you just have to unfold your reusable wrapper, wash it and it will be ready to decorate the next dessert!

Use your reusable wrappers with beeswax to cover your wines

If you are one of those who loves to occasionally uncork a bottle of wine, it has surely happened to you that you have no way to keep it. Although we would like to be able to drink it completely, sometimes it is humanly impossible. What do we do to avoid wasting it then? Very easy! Cap your bottle with BEENAT.

Thanks to its waterproof, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, your wines will last longer. Thus, you can drink it calmly without that rich strain having turned into vinegar. Try covering it with our size s wrappers or make your own measurement from our dispenser roll.

Wrap your soaps, shampoos and balm bars

A great alternative to eliminate single-use plastics from your life is to buy any of these products in a bar. In many places there are natural, vegan and cruelty-free options, but as such, most of the time they come wrapped in paper or cardboard, so you can't keep them in their box without getting them wet. Sadder still, they tend to crack when you leave them exposed to the air, so what to do with it?

You guessed it! Keep them in your bathroom with your reusable wrappers with beeswax and preserve their natural properties for much longer. Of course, be very careful that it is not exposed to very hot water.Remember that wax melts and your BEENAT will deteriorate faster. Only keeping this in mind will you be able to use it with various bars!

To start the grill fire!

Producto BEENAT Envoltorio Reutilizable de Cera de Abeja

We often mention that BEENAT is a 100% organic product and therefore compostable, however, there are more uses that you can give it when its useful life has ended after one year of use! One of they is the grill! Beeswax is a natural fuel so you won't have to use another accelerator to start your weekend roast

None of its components release toxic gases when in contact with fire as plastic, paraffin and gasoline do! Leave behind this dangerous practice and take advantage of your reusable wrapper with beeswax to light the fire !

Your imagination is the limit when using BEENAT

As Voltaire said “Originality is nothing other than judicious imitation”. Just observe your surroundings and you will surely find many more uses for your BEENAT. The only rule is to avoid exposing it to heat. The rest is worth it!