Frequent questions

  • How do I wash and store BEENAT food wrap?
  • Wash with COLD water and mild soap. Allow to dry in the earthenware distiller or in the SHADE and store dry in a clean, moisture-free place, such as a kitchen drawer, until its next use.

  • How long does the Beenat wrapper last?
  • With regular use and proper care, Beenat lasts approximately one year. You'll know it's time to replace them if they're no longer adhesive and the wax coating has worn away.

    BEENAT is 100% BIODEGRADABLE and COMPOSTABLE. At the end of their useful life, you can cut them into strips and use them as ties for the garden or to start a fire at your barbecue or campfire. Burning slow and chemical free, it's a goodbye you can feel good about!

  • There is mold on my BEENAT food wrapper. What should I do?
  • Wash with cold water, mild soap, and a cloth to try to remove mold. If it has left a stain and cannot be washed, we recommend replacing the wrap.
    While it's not typical for food to get moldy at BEENAT, it's not impossible! From our own testing and feedback we've heard from other customers, mold generally grows in more humid environments or if a food cannot be saved.

  • Can I use Beenat food wraps in the freezer?
  • You sure can! We recommend a month maximum for Beenat in the freezer; leave long-term storage to others.

  • Why won't my food stay fresh in Beenat wrappers?
  • When asked how long Beenat keeps food fresh, our answer is always "it depends!"
    If your Beenat packaging is not keeping food as fresh as you previously remembered, it is often due to:

    A) The packaging is nearing the end of its useful life. The wax formula will no longer be as protective as before. Your Beenat should be replaced after about a year of regular use.

    B) The wrapper was washed in hot water. This can have a negative effect on the wax layer of the wrapper, making it less effective in keeping food fresh or simply peeling it off.